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Productivity and efficiency calculation

Productivity calculation

Most of the industrial engineers calculate worker/line efficiency on the basis of SAM value and actual productivity (per hour productivity of a operator/line). Below are the simple methods to calculate worker/line efficiency and productivity.


Worker/line efficiency

SAM (Standard allowed minutes) of the garment = 10

Minutes produced by each labor =(40 pieces X 10) = 400 minutes

Minutes Available = 10 Hrs x 60 Minutest = 600 

Worker/line efficiency = (Minutes Produced / Minutes Available) = (400/600*100)% = 66.66


Productivity per worker

Total production in day per line =1600 pieces

Total manpower (operator +helpers+ others) = 40

Working time = 600 minutes  (10 hours)

Productivity for 10 hours is =Total pieces produced/ manpower = (1600/40) Pieces =40 pieces.


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